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Carnival Rides & Games

The Cowtown Fair features State Fair quality Carnival Rides & Games for all ages.

Form Kiddie Rides & Major Rides to Spectacular rides, there's something for everyone.

Do you like games of chance? Check out the games row at the fair!

Petting Zoo 2.jpg
Petting Zoo

Baby calves, goats, pigs, burros, buffaloes, and miniature horses vie for the attention of their young feeders.


Kids pet these adorable babies one on one.


This is something most kids can never hope to do in modern times. Don’t let them miss out on it!

Doc Magic.jpg
The Doc Magic

The Doc Magic Show is a mix of fantastic magic, balloon shenanigans, and engaging comedy. It’s jam packed with audience participation and just plain ole’ FUN! Doc is lovably antagonistic, and takes his love of magic and old-time vaudeville to bring delight to children of all ages. Children love to call Doc out on his shenanigans almost as much as he loves to surprise and delight audiences with the wonder of magic. 

Majestic Thrill Show

This show combines the best sport athletes and the best thrill circus acts and stunt performers from around the world  in one show fallowed by show productions-light effects- special effects-and a Gorgeous set up , this show is created by Dominguez Entertainment to bring a unique show full of

action excitement and high skills this amazing show is for the entire family 

with live singing-beautiful divas-dead define stunt performers-comedy-and more.

Fair food

Bring the fairgrounds taste back into your life this Spriof classic state fair foods like cream puffs, cheese curds, turkey legs, funnel cakes, cotton candy and more!

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