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Q: What are the dates?

A: May 03 through May 12

Q: Can I bring my dog to the fair?

A: NO. The only animals allowed in the fair are service dogs.

Q: Can I bring in food or drinks to the fair?

A: NO. Outside food or drinks are not allowed. Why would you want to with all the great fair food we have?

Q: Can I pay with a apple pay or a credit card for tickets? 

A: Yes, we accept apple pay, credit cards and cash at the ticket booth

Q: Is there an ATM near by?

A: Yes, we have ATMs beside the ticket booth and inside the fair grounds

Q: What if I only have cash at parking? 

A: In the event there is a charge for parking, we will accept credit cards or cash in parking

Q: Is camping available?

A: No camping is available on the fairgrounds

Q: Are the shows included with the price of admission

A: Yes

Job applications

Would you like to volunteer or work the Cowtown Fair May 03 - May 12, 2024 ?

For additional information and questions contact : - (901) 229-8877

Fill out the employee application and e-mail back to, or submit in the job application below.

Job Application

Please complete the job application linked above, and attach to form for review. 

Click here to Upload Application

Thanks for submitting!

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