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Vendors / Exhibitors

Interested in becoming a Part of the Cowtown fair family this year?

Are you a Novelty Vendor, local Crafter, Artist, Exhibitor, Performer or just looking to showcase your products? 
Booth space fills up fast, Food Vendor space is all booked up for this 2024 event so be sure to reserve your spot today!
Are you a new food vendor, vendor or exhibitor ? If you are needing assistance with new vendor insurance for this event please contact tyler leptich with veracity insurance at

You can also purchase insurance for this event by clicking the link below

For more information contact :
Fill out the following exhibitor application and e-mail to

**New applicants must submit photos of booth/tent setups, lighting and products sold with the application. All fees are due 7 days after the application is accepted, or booth space will be forfeited.

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